What to do if more and more insistently dates in the calendar are reminded of the upcoming big celebration? How to celebrate loud your event and to remember it for a lifetime? How to isolated 300 people for a few days or hours from the outside world? We know what to do! Our spacious banquet hall that located on the territory of the complexeasily can take a huge event, even if it is the final scene crowd scene of a Hollywood movie. Depending on the arrangement of tables harmoniously room can accommodate up to 300 people. If your wish-list at least ten space requirements for the big event, come directly to us. Why this waste of time for those who does not suit you, and who are not peculiar to the magnitude?

On the second floor, in the banquet hall building, there are 20 comfortable rooms, which will be a pleasant addition to the space for the holiday. 

Room "Standard" 400 UAH / day (Mon-Thu) / 500 USD / night (Fri-Sun)
Room "Junior Suite" 450 USD / day (Mon-Thu) / 550 USD / night (Fri-Sun)
Room "Suite" 550 USD / day (Mon-Thu) / 650 USD / night (Fri-Sun)
VIP room 1000 UAH / day (Mon-Thu) / 1100 USD / night (Fri-Sun)


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