Aqua zone

What do you love most - sunbathing on the beach at the lake, or swim in the pool? Or vice versa - to sunbathe by the pool, and swim in the cleanest lake? And, incidentally, what a difference! You can do what pleases you. Lake – is there, beach with white sand is there, the pool is there, sunbeds - there is, a cocktail bar c light music is too. Rather, take the bathing suit, sunglasses, sunblock and come to us!

If you come with children, not far from the aqua zone there is a playground - a favorite place of all the kids who come to us with their parents.

By the way, the pool at first, it is equipped with all the necessary filters for water purification, and secondly, its depth (165 cm) is very useful for safe navigation in it, and, thirdly, we separated the part with a shallow pool for small water treatment fans. We stand for diversity and want very much to our guests' was the most comfortable, pleasurable and convenient for everyone!