Spa zone

Our SPA complex - is a real relaxation "a 3 in 1" because it is located in the same building recovery options for every taste: Roman bath, Finnish sauna and a wood-fired sauna.

Roman sauna - is bath high humidity level. Its effects on human health are so great that after a visit youcan accurately forget about all the stress. It improves the condition of blood vessels, restores blood circulation, gives a feeling of lightness and improves skin.

Finnish sauna - is dry steam room with low humidity. there is relatively mild temperature, which is ideal for women and children. Finnish sauna helps to improve blood circulation, the cardiovascular system and the immune system recovers. Regular visits to the Finnish sauna is the perfect prophylactic against colds.

Bath with wood - the classic version of the baths with massage brooms body. After it you will feeling of updated and do not leave a feeling of health, body and soul for a long time, because behind the visit to the bath effectively removes toxins and other waste products, and in return receive a new healthy balance in the body.

Whatever of the three types of bath you choose, remember that a healthy body - healthy mind!